Events for September 2023

Yes we have a Facebook Page dedicated to the New Resident Club. It is “Members Only New Resident Club of Cape Coral, Florida” There is another Facebook Page, “Cape Coral New Resident Club (NRC)” but it is not affiliated with the New Resident Club.

While the majority of the members of the New Resident Club is married or couples, there is a group within the club that has single-only potluck dinners, nights out and other activities that are organized by the lead of the singles group. Our goal is to make all members, single, couples or married, welcome at all events.

To ensure consistency, the monthly General Membership meeting is held on the first Thursday of the month at 9:15 a.m. at the Lake Kennedy Center (400 Santa Barbara Blvd). The monthly Men’s breakfast is held in the morning and the Ladies Luncheon is held during the noon lunch time but the majority of events start between 5:00 and 6:00 in the evening and are held on various nights during the week or weekend.

Officially, you are placed in a group with all the other new members who join in the same month as you. In addition to participating in events with your monthly group, however, you are free to participate in any or all activities with any existing group as well.

Yes, when joining you are put together with other new members from the same month. This way you are immediately introduced to a group that you can get to know and see what activities you have in common. However, even though you are in a group, you are strongly encouraged to mingle with and get to know others in the New Resident Club. It is quite common for people to attend events or potlucks of other groups.

Some of the main events are the monthly Cocktails on the Cape held at various locations within town, Sunset on the Beach held at the Yacht Club beach during October through April, the New Resident Club Dance usually held the 4th Saturday of the month, bocce, bowling, trivia nights, bingo, wine tastings and golf to mention a few. The club is always open to new suggestions on activities and members are encouraged to organize events they are interested in.

The primary goal of the New Resident Club is to create an avenue for people that are new to Cape Coral to be able to make new friends and meet others that share common interests. The club also provides information about Cape Coral’s history, government and other interesting facts or activities within the city.

After your group “graduates” you are still encouraged to attend and participate in New Resident Club activities. All activities will still be available for you to attend. The only change is that being a graduate prevents you from serving on the Board of the Club. We hear stories daily of lifelong friendships that developed by introductions through the New Resident Club. We have graduate groups that still get together for potlucks or meet at various restaurants monthly. Again, the primary goal is to meet people, have fun and build lifelong friendships.

The results of a recent survey showed that 78% of the members are full time residents of Cape Coral and 22% are part-time residents.